Pastor Mikey

When we first meet him he is wearing …


– he is
thin with a large presence.
Mikey is a pastor. Arrived from Jamaica when he was
nine. Lived on Colon and was one of the people placed
in Coco Solo. He said the first night he got there he
cried. He said he couldn’t believe they expected him to
stay the night there. Mikey has been in coco solo for 20
years now. Mikey started selling drugs, then used that
money to feed the kids- what came after that was the
start of his ministries. Mikey cried a lot when he would
tell us his stories. Mikey had had 2 heart attacks but still
continued his work because he just wasn’t able to stop.
We got all of these stories through out the 2 weeks we
were there and were able to begin to layer them on top
of al our own. On top of the stories from the kids we
were working with, their imaginations, their playfulness,
there affection. There was also a lot of humanity on top
of it all, real emotion, real compassion, realness. Mikey
is a huge force in Coco Solo his humanity and
compassion is quite realy. And I felt it quite literally
when I stepped on the rusty nail.